The road to a successful partnership is paved with understanding.

More than a software company

Friends of IT GmbH is a Berlin-based company founded by two friends with existing networks of exceptional professionals. Our mission is to deliver borderless software engineering expertise in a friendly way.


Getting to know us means getting to know our history, philosophy and values, our team, the way we work and the companies and people who trust and rely on us.


Addressing a business challenge with a software solution can be quite a rollercoaster for companies, regardless of their size or industry. Many projects fail to deliver the desired outcome and can involve a lot more stress than expected.


The rising demand for software solutions has led to a scarcity of qualified engineers. Solving this problem is not easy, and will require changes in education systems. It could be decades before the resource gap is even partially closed.


Meanwhile, businesses around the globe will still need people who can provide the necessary resources, understand their challenges and deliver a valuable service.


In other words, people like us!

Friends of IT GmbH

Erkelenzdamm 59 Portal 3a
10999 Berlin

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