Benefit from international expertise

The Friends of IT are based in Berlin (Head Office) and Belgrade (Development Centre). Both locations are perfectly interlocked, the work processes are harmonised.
We are one company and do not operate a flat outsourcing. We pass on the advantages of this combination to our customers:

“German” quality thinking

Quality control is carried out in Berlin. So you can rely on “German” quality thinking – although our Belgrade colleagues here are in no way inferior to us.

Legal security

A large part of the software is developed in Belgrade, but customer support, contract preparation and the legal office are located in Berlin.


All developers have a degree in computer science, several months of initial training and a lot of practical experience.

Highly motivated

In Germany it is increasingly difficult to find excellent software developers. In Belgrade, however, we can find highly motivated, enthusiastic and “hungry” IT experts and build teams that exactly match your needs.

Close to the team

The initial customer contact is handled by our Berlin colleagues. If it makes sense in the project, support is also provided directly by our Belgrade specialists – this means that you as the customer are in direct contact with the development team.


The IT scene in Serbia is small, people know each other and we are very well connected. If a project needs more personnel, this is much easier achieved than in Berlin.

The best of two countries – international know-how

Berliners and Belgraders are constantly learning from each other and driving each other forward technologically. We live a very healthy internal competition in terms of know-how, precision, reliability and engineering thinking.

Cost minimisation

Due to our company structure, we are able to produce high quality software within a much more convenient cost framework for customers than other service providers.

Efficiency through cooperation

We are absolutely convinced that a friendly and cooperative relationship between everybody involved leads to a good life and optimal results.