We advise those who make the world a better place – free of charge!


Based on the approach of Effective Altruism and the awareness of scarce personal resources and limited options for action, we have considered which "lever" is the most effective for us.

Our offer

We make our IT competence and project management experience available to you for a round of consulting – free of charge and just like that.


You are an initiative, a small or medium-sized NGO, gGmbH, organization or start-up that is committed to alternative forms of economy, technologies, ways of life or modes of action (and thus implicitly and explicitly against climate change). You are well versed in your own field of expertise, but weak when it comes to topics from the following areas:

  • IT
  • Corporate strategies
  • Project Management
  • UX/UI
  • Online Marketing
  • Corporate Communications

We are happy to help!

We offer you to simply come together. Free of charge, without obligation, and expressly without any intention on our part to generate business. Just like that. We support you in an advisory capacity, intervening here and there, brainstorming, and answering your questions if we can.


  • What is the best strategy to set up a website? How do we approach this? How expensive will it be, how complex, how annoying?
  • How do we test our online impact? How do we optimize it?
  • Do we need communication design?
  • How do we proceed if we want to collect donations? How do the tools work?
  • What has to be observed legally? What’s all the fuzz about ECJ and cookies?
  • How can we best cooperate online? Is our data secure?

Get in touch!

We can’t guarantee a claim on it – it will work depending on availability. We are very happy to do this. And we are happy if we can make the world a better place with you. Just ask us:
Phone: +49 30 695 154 98