Code auditing

Taking care to protect the code owner’s IP, we review the codebase from an organisational, security and performance perspective. This allows us to detect any anti-patterns and poor practices.

With software applications now driving core business operations, the technical execution of the software code (in line with industry standards and best practices) is becoming crucial for business continuity.

After signing an NDA, we access your codebase in an agreed secure manner and begin the review. Our code audit process aims to evaluate key software quality criteria such as code reliability, efficiency and maintainability so that we can help organisations manage operational risk, reduce support and maintenance costs, and anticipate security and compliance issues.

At the end of the code audit, you receive a full report showing the exact health of the source code. The report includes indicators of code clarity, extensibility, test coverage, vulnerabilities, adherence to industry-standard encryption, and other vital information.

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