Legacy software modernisation

By modernising your legacy software through a logical sequence of incremental changes, we can help make your business more efficient than ever.

Rapid technological advances and evolving digital business models are affected the rate at which software applications developed ten or more years ago are ageing. Legacy applications are still important within a company, but they often lack the necessary performance, fail to deliver business value and raise numerous security and maintenance issues. On top of that, they simply look old.

For us, the journey to modernising legacy software starts with an in-depth assessment of current systems from a technical, business-process and organisational perspective. By gaining a clear understanding of the status quo and of what the improved system should achieve, we can devise an individual transformation strategy.

The modernisation might involve a minor vendor technology upgrade in an application, or the development of an API. Alternatively, we might suggest completely reengineering the system, adding new functionalities and implementing a series of ongoing, incremental improvements.