Software development for startups

Our team of product and software engineers acts as a strategic software development partner, providing scalable service options that fit your budget and revenue-growth dynamics.

We are based in Berlin, the city where a business startup is founded every 20 seconds – so we understand the turbulent path that creative entrepreneurs are walking. We know that agility is crucial when it comes to launching a stable core, releasing new features and continually improving the user experience.

Our team will transform your idea into an application software that is scalable, robust, customisable and capable of operating with external systems. We also analyse in-product customer journeys to identify areas for improvement.

Our goal is to set up a team that will share your long-term vision and act as a natural extension of your own organisation. As our partner, you gain complete visibility and control of the project progress and budget. We also provide you with a reasonable level of flexibility to scale the project up or down as your priorities evolve.

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