Software project rescue

Derailed, badly executed or collapsed software projects happen often, to companies big and small. We can pick your project up and help you get things back on track as quickly as possible.

Statistically, one in two software development projects fails either partially or completely – regardless of whether it is run in-house or with an outsourcing partner.

Some typical signs that a project is in trouble:

  • The development team seems not to understand requests
  • Delivery of all work streams constantly lags behind schedule
  • Bugs and performance issues keep popping up
  • The lead developer has left without properly documenting the project, thereby erasing critical project knowledge

Our project rescue squad will analyze the situation to detect underlying problems at all stages of the software development cycle. We will then prioritize the most important issues and suggest an optimal recovery plan, dividing the rescue project into sprints and defining clearly traceable progress metrics. We might also task a team of software engineers with executing individual project rescue tasks, or with a full reengineering project.