Software prototyping

We provide rapid software prototyping services to support a proof of concept or trial version, to refine user requirements and to prevent project scope creep.

In practice, software development often reveals unclear and unprioritized user requirements. A software prototype is a great tool for specifying and validating requirements based on user feedback. As such, it is an important aspect of risk mitigation within a project.

A software prototype should be an integral part of any custom software development or new software product development, as it provides a foundation for productive discussions among project stakeholders early in the process. The prototype will expose and clarify – in good time – any contradictions within requirements, any missing functionalities and any hidden system prerequisites.

A software prototype is a working system that allows users to evaluate the software before it is actually created. As well as saving time and money during the implementation stage, a prototype might also provide elements that could be reused when building the final version.

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