Technology consulting

We outline the optimal software architecture for your project. We explain the pros and cons of different tools and platforms, and help you choose the right blend of technologies.

Some software development technologies are more popular and better promoted than others – but that doesn’t mean they are automatically the best option for a particular project. Decisions regarding architecture and technologies are not straightforward. They require a deep understanding of the project scope, and a mastery of modern programming languages and platforms.

Decisions about the tech stack usually consider several high-level factors:

  • Server side
  • Client side
  • Application security, scalability, robustness and performance
  • Integrated development environment
  • Software development process and software lifecycle management
  • Ease of integration
  • Time to market
  • Budget and project-specific constraints

We use proven criteria to select the best mix of technologies for developing your software application. Our decisions are based on solid engineering principles and take account of strong support from the developer community, novel paradigms and emerging trends.