This versatile server-side scripting language designed specifically for the web can be a powerful tool within the competent hands of our PHP experts.

PHP offers high performance, availability of source code, portability, lower cost, extensive library of common web tasks, interfacing with many different database systems and object-oriented support. It is supported by the world’s largest community of source code contributors. PHP has been widely ported and can be deployed on most web servers on almost every operating system and platform.

In depth knowledge of robust PHP frameworks allows our team to write clean and reusable code, and to speed up solution development by using a rich collection of ready-made modular components.

PHP is particularly suitable for e-commerce solutions, as it allows comfort and speed of the development, as well as ease of shopping carts (web store systems) implementation. Of course, our team also uses PHP for other types of projects (custom web applications, social networking sites, CRM systems, CMS systems, workflow applications and many other).

Technologies: Symfony, Laravel, Zend, Yii, Doctrine